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Hey diver, are you interested in scuba vacations? 

    We all know about that problem, you are planning your holidays with your friends or family and you try to find a hotel which has an integrated dive center, or at least a hotel where a dive center is close by. We are also divers and we have some IT skills so we thought about launching a website which only lists hotels with dive centers, we call them here dive-center hotels. For your next scuba diving vacations you just come back here to the website and you can check about the best dive trips for your scuba holidays. Don't forget to bookmark the page :)

    Do you know a good dive resort, an all inclusive dive resorts or a diver hotels, please let us know about if if its not already in our database.

    You can also write us with your story about scuba diving trips, dive travel, scuba trips or dive vacations and we will publish it in our blog. We wish you great scuba diving holidays in one of our listed hotels with dive center.

    Ps. Let us your comments on the hotels with scuba basis where you already have been. Like this the community, which likes to go to a scuba diving hotels.

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